Our Well Syschronized Process of Production allows our Clients to confidently plan their Construction Milestones in Advance


Who Are We?

Altima is one of the leading and foremost manufacturers of Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) in the country today. We have established ourselves as the key suppliers of RMC for the construction Sector.

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To become most preffered (RMC) Partner and Leading Service providers for the Construction Industry. To be part of India’s economic growth process through infrastructure projects and to be prominent service providers for the construction industry.

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Our Vision



Be it small or big client, we aim to provide hassle free and cost effective RMC solution through our integrated approach that encompass all aspects of concrete production from design to delivery.

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Our Mission


Our aim is to meet the clients concrete needs and provide relentless support services. To accomplish that, we continually Mold our products and services to meet any requirements, overcome challenges and solve problems.

Commercial Conmix Plant (altima)

Commercial Conmix Plant

Our production process are computer-controlled. We discuss about the mixes,pour plan delivery schedules, etc. well in advance with the clients before supplying the concrete to their project sites.

On Site RMC Plant Capitive Plants - altima

On Site RMC Plant Capitive Plants

Our plan is to move forward with advancement in technology. Our team with the help of Concrete experts are updating their knowledge with latest technology. We are moving ahead with related tests and trials.

Material management - altima

Material Management

We maintain minimum wastage policy. Our Plant is managed by trained persons and they supervise and rigorously monitor all plant activities to ensure delivery of correct quality and quantity of concrete.

Research & Development - altima

Research & Development

We are also offering our services to install Capitive Plants in Project sites. We have the capacity to install Batching Plants, Pumps, and Transit Mixers and deploy sufficient technically trained staff at site.





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